Reichenberg Castle „Field of Experiences“
Reichenberg Castle „Field of Experiences“

Discovering the treasures in ourselves

Children, young people, and adults enjoy the thrill of the challenges presented at the Reichenberg Castle „Field of Experiences“. Here, the group of teenagers in this photo is discovering that with team spirit, imagination, and perseverance, it is possible to get the „treasure“ to the right place. Thinking, planning, climbing, straining, and sweating, and learning to support and trust one another – such tasks awake the potential that lies asleep in the teenagers and help to recover these treasures of strength, creativity and talent. They show, too, the value of the contributions of every single participant.

To be able to adequately support the many groups from the area who visit this program, a new pedagogical co-worker with his family joined our team in June of this year. Every offer in our program is carefully prepared and tailored to the wishes and makeup of the visiting groups. Through the elaborate preparations, our team brings to expression the value and preciousness of each participant. In such atmospheres, people learn to rise above themselves and discover and implement their personal treasures. We are convinced: this can change our society!

You can help with your own gifts, so that the expansion of this program and the enlargement of our team remain sustainable.