Lifeline CDS e.V. - Tubercolisis Health Center
Lifeline CDS e.V.

Touched by life — prepared for life

Yasin and his friends are happy—they have received top marks in math and social studies.It is actually a small miracle that Yasin can read and write; first of all, because his poverty-stricken parents could not afford to send their children to school, and second, because at the age of five, he had contracted an aggressive form of Tuberculosis and his family had already given up all hope of his survival. Two years ago, thanks to Lifeline CDS e.V., a health- and educational project based in Landau and active in Pakistan, it was possible for Yasin to receive an official diagnosis and the correct antibiotics. Yasin is convinced: „Jesus healed me“.

Since 1990, the married couple, Dr. Michael and Dr. Lilith Loos, with a small health team of Germans and Pakistanis, has been working tirelessly on the exploration and therapy of the world’s number one most deadly, infectious disease. Because of their outstanding medical achievements, and their willingness to take their mobile health center into remote provinces, the two doctors are able to move freely in the strict Islamic state, even among the Untouchables—a clear sign of God’s love of all people.

Since 2003, Lifeline has run a Christian school in Sukkur, (a city in the eastern province, Sindh) with pre-school and first through eighth grade classes. Now a boarding school for children of “half-nomads“ from the region is being built and the group of staff members enlarged and educated. We are happy to be a partner to this wonderful project in the Indian subcontinent and we invite you to help, so that Yasin and many other children can be educated and have the prospect of hope for their futures.