Worldwide Projects
Worldwide Projects

Every project, a precious jewel

Their names are Alyosha, Juanita, or Abebi; they speak Spanish, Kikongo, or Toba/Qom; they are growing up in the slums of a mega-city or on the edge of the savannah—children and teenagers, it is for them that our partners are working. They all need a home, financial support, and encouragement in order to live lives of dignity and security. With your donations, we can lay the foundations for such lives, so that these young people remain sustainably supported and can themselves become bearers of hope and friendship. Sustainably, we support project partners, such as:

  • in St. Petersburg, where, in the orphanages Shizn and Pristin (The Harbor), children and teens are accompanied and supported as they work to establish independent lives;
  • in Latin America, where the work-community, KAIROS, led by Elisa Padilla, makes it possible for young Christians to promote justice in churches and society and as dedicated followers of Christ, to shape their living-environments;
  • in the Argentina Chaco and in the Mexican Oaxaca Province, where young natives are receiving higher education and working to establish a new esteem of their own languages and cultures. This strengthens their God-given identity and breaks the cycle of shame, misery, and resignation;
  • in the slums of Manila in the Philippines, where the slum children receive a meal, the opportunity for a bath, and help with homework in the ONESIMO Bulilit-Center. ONESIMO also helps teenagers both practically and pastorally by providing lodging in a halfway house or mentoring small groups in the slum churches. Through these efforts, the young people learn how to run their own independent lives.
  • in the Balkans, where reconciliation between ethnic and confessional groups is as necessary as never before. In the Balkan Institute for Faith and Culture, founded by Kosta Milkov, in Skopje (Macedonia), the dialog among various Christians from different churches is growing; in Sarajewo (Bosnia) and Varna (Bulgaria), the lives of the gypsy communities are springing into life;
  • the Women in God’s Service (WINGS) organization, coordinated by Elke Werner, which supports Christian women in impoverished countries and countries in which even to be a Christian is dangerous. Support them, so they can continue sharing the gospel in word and deed.
  • the German branch of the Michah-Network, which works worldwide to create a social awareness in evangelical and secular fields and promotes a biblically-based transformation of the global society.

If you want the valuable impulses of these initiatives to steadily continue and thrive, then donate to this “Worldwide” cause. Then we can have the resources to provide long-term help where help is currently needed.