Our Goals and Convictions

In many respects, Western society today finds itself at a crossroads. We are being challenged to develop new perspectives in response to a culture which is increasingly characterized by broken relationships, an underlying sense of detachment, and a growing crisis in the search for meaning. Over and over, we have seen that when individuals experience an encounter with Jesus Christ, they also discover friendship, a place of belonging, and a sense of direction for their lives. It is our desire to share this source of hope with others.

Finding a home in Christ – learning to draw from the Source of Life

Finding a home in Christ – learning to draw from the Source of Life

Being a follower of Christ means being drawn into relationship with the living God, allowing our story to become integrated into His Story. We at the Reichenberg Fellowship invite people to discover this new horizon with us as they find their place within the family of our Father-God. The adventure begins as we turn towards God, listening to His voice and allowing Him to surprise and transform us. God’s Spirit is the strongest creative power at work in the human heart and the true source of meaning and purpose for our lives.

Finding friendships in Christ – Impulses for community life

When we reflect upon the Trinity, we see that God in His very nature is community. Created by God to reflect His image, we are called to live and grow in relationships – both on the local level and in the context of a global world. This kind of community is possible when women and men, families and singles, young and old, take the risk of trusting one another, seeking to live in reconciled, Christ-centered relationships, regardless of their different denominational or cultural backgrounds. It is vitally important that church and society today are able to draw from the example and experience of committed communities of faith. With this in mind, we invite and encourage others to learn with us in their search for community.

Finding direction in Christ – Fighting for a culture which embraces life

The biblical message offers us hope for the future while at the same time giving us a deeper understanding of human history and the world we live in. The Judeo-Christian inheritance is our foundation, providing us with the orientation capable of and necessary for withstanding the challenges which lie ahead. For the sake of generations to come, we seek to watchfully discern intellectual and social developments and their underlying issues, working diligently to formulate our position in order to take a clear public stand. Our aim is to challenge young people in particular to think laterally and independently. Together, we seek to develop and live out constructive alternatives to the cultural mainstream wherever possible.