Social Year in Germany

Voluntary Social Year at the Reichenberg Fellowship (OJC)

Voluntary Social Year with OJC

You are …
... between 18 and 26 years of age.
... a high school graduate and/or have completed your vocational training.                                                                                            ... ready for a year packed with new experiences: a year away from home in which you meet new people while living in a cross-generational community; a year in which you gain insights into the working world; a year in which you can take new, formative steps in your faith and walk with God.

What awaits you during a Voluntary Social Year at the OJC:

  • Community living: living and working together is an essential part of the OJC. The specific details of your individual community living experience will depend upon your placement at one of several locations within our community. Sharing daily life together is both wonderful and demanding at the same time. It requires mutual openness and the willingness to address conflicts instead of avoiding them.
  • We want to live out our Christian faith in ways which are practical, holistic, and contagious so that we can have a positive impact on society. Living together not only puts our authenticity and credibility to the test, but also serves as an example for the world in which we live.
  • You’ll be taken seriously – and you’ll be able to progress in your personal development: ”As we approach the third millennium, the most sought-after traits among future employers and employees in positions of responsibility are character formation, communication skills and the ability to work in a team.” (Dominik Klenk / OJC Publication “Salzkorn”, 1/2003)
  • Community living provides a practical context for friendship-building and the development of relational competence. These are precisely the skills which every young person needs for successful long-term relationships in the future and which prevent them from “taking to their heels” when the first disappointment or conflict arises. For this reason, each participant receives the support of an experienced mentor within the context of our mentorship program.

Language requestions and deadline

Applicants should have at least basic skills in using the German language in order to be able to take part in our communitary life. That means that you are requested to hand in a diploma of the Common Reference Level B1 (CEFR) or better issued by Goethe-Institut or a comparable proof of knowlegde of the german language together with your application papers. Closing date for applications for the Voluntary Social Year starting in September is 31th March. You´ll have our answer by the end of April. We´re looking forward for your questions and applications.

Further Information regarding a Voluntary Social Year:

The basics for a year of community living with us »

Contact - Social Year

Please direct all questions and applications for a Voluntary Social Year to:

Offensive Junger Christen
Freiwilliges Soziales Jahr
Gerlind Ammon-Schad
Postfach 1220
64382 Reichelsheim